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*** Emergency Number: 911 ***
Non-Emergency 631-854-8400
*** Emergency Number 911 ***
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Non-Emergency 800-490-0025 or 631-755-6000
***Emergency Number 800-490-0045 ***
Non Emergency 800-930-5003
*** Emergency Number:  911***
Non-Emergency 631-689-8333
*** Emergency Department 631-862-3111 ***

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Upcoming Events
Friday, July 24th Patio Bingo at 2:30 PM weather permitting
$10 per person (cash only)
25 person limit on patio and pool area- first come, first served
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Zumba Interest?
We are aware that many of you are interested in resuming some physical activities, in addition to the walking many of you have been engaged in.  Because of NYS regulations regarding COVID-19 and our concern for your safety, we cannot host indoor physical activities.  We are in the process of setting up Zumba on the patio and water aerobics in the outdoor pool and wanted to determine interest...
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